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What Is House Church?

A house church is a worshiping community that meets in a house… or a park, or a bar, or some other place that isn’t a designated “church building.”

Some churches have “small groups” that meet in homes for Bible study, and there is some overlap with what we do in a house church. But a house church is the main event; it’s where we gather for prayer, worship, and conversation about how to grow as disciples.

If you’re interested in attending a house church gathering, check our calendar!

Here’s a how-to guide for starting house churches.

5 Areas of Discipleship

The simple version of Jesus’s Great Commandment is “Love God and Love People.”

But Christians often disagree about what love looks like or how to live it out.

Our model of holistic love for God and all people looks like this: we love both as individuals and as a community. When we love God as a community, that looks like worship: gathering together and giving offerings of praise and thanksgiving. When we love God as individuals, that looks like devotion: spending time in prayer, contemplation, and study. When we love people as individuals, that looks like compassion: taking care of needs and helping people grow. When we love people as a community, that looks like justice: speaking prophetically and shaping policy. Holding all of those kinds of love together is witness: seeing things clearly and telling the story of faith.

Jesus described his mission as giving people “abundant life.” As students of love and life, we are committed to growing in worship, devotion, compassion, justice, and witness.